Looking For Love: How To Find The Right Man

Find The Right GuyGetting hooked with someone can be easy, but getting the right guy for you is another thing.

  • Are you tired of failing over and over with your relationships towards the opposite sex?
  • Are you looking for love at the wrong places and do you want to change you fate and avoid the pain of being broken-hearted?
  • Do you think it’s about time that you find Mr. Right at point of your life?

In this article, we are going to attempt to give an answer to the question “How To Find The Right Man?”
This article is created to provide useful information for women seeking men and who wants to find the right guy and end up happy with their love life.

If you are tired of being lied to and cheated by men whom you invested your emotions in them; if you want to find a solution to the different problems in guys that will never end; or if you just want to be happy with the man of your dreams, then here are some helpful steps on how to find a boyfriend that’s right for you:

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5 Proven Steps Finding Mr. Right

1. Write down a list of qualities

The first thing that you have to is to create a list of the qualities you are looking for in a guy. Try to categorize them from the physical, emotional, as well as the negative aspects of the man you want to end up with.

Always remember that you have to be realistic on the things you’ll be writing on the list. Nobody’s perfect, so at least make it a point to attach everything into reality and not to create a fictional ‘prince charming’ that you might find hard searching. Aside from that, you can also include practical qualities and traits you can make use in finding Mr. Right (ex. must have a stable job, must have a college degree, must refrain from using drugs) as this might prove to be helpful in determining the right guy for you.


2. Open yourself

Once you are done with the list of qualities, the next step you have to so is to search for these qualities on the guys who are interested in you and tell them that you are willing to give them a chance on dating you. Make it clear that you are seeing everyone of them at one time so that there’s no jealously involved and no one will get hurt. Just explain to them that you are in the process of searching for Mr. Right. This is the right way of how to meet people as you set everything clear so that they won’t expect something more.


3. Schedule each of your dates and keep a mental list of those qualities

Try to see each of those guys more often and get to know them better each time you go out. As time goes by, they will reveal their different personalities to you and you can compare their respective traits with the list that you have made. Continue the dating process until you will be able to know each of these guys in a more intimate and personal level.


4. Narrow down your selection

Now that you were able to get to know them better, the next step you need to do in looking for love is to narrow down your selection process. Try to pick the top 2 guys who came close to the list of qualities you have written and concentrate on them.

Take your chances on love with your 2 lucky ‘friends’ and inform the rest of the men that you have already made a choice. Tell them straight out, but in a nice way that you have made your pick and you wish them well on their love life. As for the remaining 2 guys, you have to spend more time with each of them to know them a little bit more.

Try to take the relationship a notch higher so that they will open themselves more to you.


5. Select with your heart and not entirely with your mind

Once you get to know these 2 guys a little more, then it’s up to you to evaluate and come up with you final decision. Assess yourself with your heart as to which of them are you emotionally attached with and once you have decided then you have to tell them about it. You and the lucky guy will go on a last “screening” date and talk about each of you plans about your relationship. Transparency is the key to starting a good relationship as this will nurture the love you have for each other, the trust will be solid, and the bliss will be everlasting.


Other Important Tips You Need To Know

If you are blessed and you were able to find your way to your right man, here are some small tips you need to follow to start your relationship on the right track:


Look At Some Do’s And Don’ts


Try to evaluate yourself and imagine your life with the guy that you like. This is necessary so that you will be able to draw a “map of your relationship”. Patience, understanding, and compromise should always be there in order for the relationship to work.


Never leave anything to chance. Most hopeless romantics are easy target of failed relationships. You need to do exert more effort than the usual to be happy with your relationship.

Don’t be too obvious


Surely you are falling head over heels for him, but it would be best to show him a little bit of your feelings towards him. Guys tend to get proud and cocky every time they notice a girl is falling for them. So it’s better to be less revealing so that he will have an impression that you are a mysterious girl and that he will be more interested to know you deeper.


Avoid being too revealing and give all you have to him or he will be tempted to take advantage of you. Just go with the flow of you relationship and take it one step at a time.


In Summary

So for those women who are having troubles in finding happiness in their love life, just follow the steps in finding Mr. Right mentioned above and you will definitely find the ideal man you have been waiting for. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge on this article about looking for love: Where to find the right man.

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